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The Four Horse. . . .men? by BlucoonSenpai The Four Horse. . . .men? :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 0 0 Stuff for a Thing Somewhere by BlucoonSenpai Stuff for a Thing Somewhere :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 0 0 Overbite by BlucoonSenpai Overbite :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 5 Cities of Fur *REBOOT* WIP by BlucoonSenpai Cities of Fur *REBOOT* WIP :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 3 S.W.J-J. II by BlucoonSenpai S.W.J-J. II :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 7 Jonathan Engel by BlucoonSenpai Jonathan Engel :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 1 The Morning After by BlucoonSenpai The Morning After :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 8 0 Vampy by BlucoonSenpai Vampy :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 0 0
Cities of Fur Chapter 14: Sleeping Acquaintance
"Blusorn!" Jane Mouzer called up the steps to her younger twin son. "Make yourself presentable, you have a visitor!"
Blu did as he was told, even though he was not expecting anyone. Today he was planning on annoying the shit out of Clementine. However, he thought he knew what the visitor wanted. It must be a contract, that's the only explanation.
He took his coat back off and put on the hood layer of the outfit. He then put the coat back on and walked out of his bedroom door, pulling the hood out from behind the coat. He walked downstairs expecting to see a member of the Order sitting on the armchair.
Instead, there sat an old nanny of his.
"Miss Grizzly?" He exclaimed in surprise, widening his eyes at the sight of his childhood nanny. "You are the last person I expected to see resting in my sitting room."
"It is good to see you too, Blu." Miss Grizzly replied, smiling and adjusting her shawl around her shoulders. "Such an adorable little kit, grown up to be such a strong Feline!"
:iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 0 6
Cities of Fur Chapter 13: Whale of a Tale
The Tavern below was dark, the only light coming from the candles and lanterns at each table. Of the many Anthrons that came in and out of the Port, no matter what species, they always became acquainted in the Tavern. They swapped fishing tales, met women, and especially got drunk. But the best of all, were the stories that were told by the Beasthunters.
They travelled across oceans, through deserts and jungles, to rid the world of monsters and horrors that were too terrible to let exist on this planet. They were mostly employed by the aristocratic Avians to bring back trophies to display at parties. Of course, all for a reasonable price.
Jonathan had developed a habit of exiting his room and listening to their fantastic tales. As he was now.
". . .The beast was 20 metres long, without the tail! It seemed like it was taunting us, swimming around the boat. Its massive body covered in shiny brass scales. Its eyes glowed with a horrifying unearthly yellow, staring into our very SOULS!
:iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 1 0
Mature content
Deceiving Appearances :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 1 4
It's something that's all around us. Something that invades our mind when we're all alone. Something that finds us anywhere we go.
We can't escape it, but people try to fight it. They play music, hum, talk to thin air. Just to battle the terrifying Silence.
It's always there. It's only masked by the noise of everyday. It's in your house, your car, your bed, your mind. Nowhere is safe from the Silence.
We don't know what it is. It's something, it's the Silence, but there's nothing in the Silence, so it's nothing. But how can something exist if it's nothing?
If nothing can exist as something, then what is reality? Why can nothing be something, if something can't be nothing? What is it?
:iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 1 3
Tattoo Idea: In Death We Trust by BlucoonSenpai Tattoo Idea: In Death We Trust :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 3 Sooo Fab by BlucoonSenpai Sooo Fab :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 14
Cities of Fur Chapter 12: New Arrival
In the City Port, everything was either going out or coming in. From the gigantic Brigs with their sails that touch the sky, to the tiniest Fisher boat bringing in new creatures, everything and anything was there. But, something unexpected arrived at the Port. A young Anthron from the Study.
The Mouse was young, maybe thirteen or fourteen, and he definitely showed it. His round cheeks and wide eyes gave away his youth. His blonde locks of hair, pulled into a ponytail on the back of his head, and his light blue eyes, protected by wide, horn rimmed glasses, gave him an innocent look. Nothing there that wasn't true.
The young Mouse stepped off the gangland and onto the dock with a curious twinkle in his eyes. Totally ignorant to anything but the sun and the people, the scents of fresh pastries and the sea salt. The breeze that knocked a few loose strands of golden hair onto his nose was the only thing to break him from his trance. He sneezed and came back to his senses, then walked down t
:iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 2 1
Needs Name WIP by BlucoonSenpai Needs Name WIP :iconblucoonsenpai:BlucoonSenpai 3 5


Sister Location STAYINYOURSEATS! Emoticon by The64thGamer Sister Location STAYINYOURSEATS! Emoticon :iconthe64thgamer:The64thGamer 411 117 'Wait a second...' by PizzaPupperRoni 'Wait a second...' :iconpizzapupperroni:PizzaPupperRoni 817 115 YES by PizzaPupperRoni YES :iconpizzapupperroni:PizzaPupperRoni 136 30 I JUST SPENT FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S! by PizzaPupperRoni I JUST SPENT FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S! :iconpizzapupperroni:PizzaPupperRoni 336 59 What If We... by PizzaPupperRoni What If We... :iconpizzapupperroni:PizzaPupperRoni 327 48 Have Another Slice by PizzaPupperRoni Have Another Slice :iconpizzapupperroni:PizzaPupperRoni 407 42 PONY.MOV ANTHRO FURRY 1 by NamyGaga PONY.MOV ANTHRO FURRY 1 :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 324 34 FNAF: Sister Location by Atlas-White FNAF: Sister Location :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 2,625 567 Meet the Fartist by Katie-W Meet the Fartist :iconkatie-w:Katie-W 165 46 Dem and Jos by aoxenuk Dem and Jos :iconaoxenuk:aoxenuk 117 4 Squeek by Lelpel Squeek :iconlelpel:Lelpel 91 6 Sixth Gun Sundown by artist Tom Kelly by TomKellyART Sixth Gun Sundown by artist Tom Kelly :icontomkellyart:TomKellyART 106 7 Dem Nasty Teens by thegreatrouge Dem Nasty Teens :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 581 36 Dare 1 by PimpGranny Dare 1 :iconpimpgranny:PimpGranny 6 12 Terrable dark by PimpGranny Terrable dark :iconpimpgranny:PimpGranny 10 2



The Four Horse. . . .men?
Inspired by: Revelations Chapter Six: Verses 1-8

The First Horseman: OH SWEET ME HOW DID I GET UP HERE!!!??!!?
War: Famine!! Don't let go, whatever you do!!
Famine: Why not? Are we off the ground?
Death: What have I gotten myself into? . . .
Stuff for a Thing Somewhere
Hey guys! Just a little "I'm still not dead" update. I'm drawing with some new books and pencils, and a newly envisioned character.
Anybody remember Theodore?
I think you'd like this story: "Cities Of Fur" by BlucoonSenpai on Wattpad

Get the app now:


I am way to excited for this. . .
This it's just something I did to try my hand at human anatomy. And vampire anatomy, but that's besides the point.
Just because I haven't been active in forever, there's this old manuscript that I wrote a while ago, should I type it up here?


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Larry Johnston 3
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United States
I am a writer and drawer. I usually do things on the fly, but can do things for long periods of time.

I'd love to trade with people, and maybe open stuff for people, IDK.

Leave a favourite, and a +watch if you like my art! :meow:


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